Akas Chinwenwa M.T

Akas Chinwenwa M.T Manager

Akas Chinwenwa M.T. is the Manager of Pauline foods. She is an outstanding personnel with managerial experience and with proven history of adding value to any organization she manages. Nothing escapes her attention in her unrelenting drive for perfection.
She is B.A qualified Graduate with over 6 years of accomplished managerial expertise. She is a detailed and ambitious individual who has held the strength of Pauline foods to a skilful standard. She is passionate about helping consumers improve their health and quality of life through healthy Pauline Packaged food products.
Furthermore as a manager with a difference, Pauline food products has grown through her sourcing and distribution. She also understand customer care ethics and take to heart the orders and complaints of customers/ consumers which she attends to without hesitation.